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Multipurpose slatted pine shelving for all storage needs.

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High quality, sturdy slatted pine shelving manufactured to European standards.
The heavy duty X-tenda shelf is a DIY shelving system designed to cater for a variety.
of everyday household storage challenges, at a competitive price point!

No more ugly metal brackets.

All you need is one contains all the brackets and screws for quick and easy assembly.

All timber is pre-drilled.

heavy duty diy flat pack shelving in garage
heavy duty diy flat pack shelf in garage  

The shelf is versatile because, not only is it extendable, but one of the slats can be used between brace brackets as a rail to support hooks for items that need hanging (hooks not supplied).

heavy duty diy flat pack shelf on patio  

Another advantage is that, when using two or more shelves when extended, the design affords spare brace brackets. The spare bracket can be used for additional support when storing extra heavy items, or can be used to support a bird feeder or hanging flower basket.

heavy duty diy flat pack shelf holding men  

The shelf is definitely “HEAVY DUTY” as can be seen by the two people hanging from it. A combined weight of in excess of 220kg or 540lbs.

3 tier multi storage  

Every home will have layabout items on the floor, against the wall, in the garage, shed, store room, attic, cellar etc. The HEAVY DUTY X-TENDA STORAGE SHELF efficiently keeps one's effects and belongings neatly stored.

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